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#7 Cosplayshow: Roromiya Karuta Cosplay Wig

Today I'm here to show you a very cute wig, called
Cute Pink Inu Boku Secret Service Roromiya Karuta Cosplay Wig

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This is the productpicture:
So, this is the first wig I'm gonna review, also the first wig I've taken pictures with. :)
I'm not very good at styling, etc. but let's just start! ^-^

The wig was packaged very well and safe, shipping only took 8 days - wow! It was from Malaysia to Germany.

 In this bag is the wig in 2 seperate nets.

3 parts: The mainhead and 2 pigtails with big curls! The color is pink, just like on the picture. (Remind my light is different from theirs!)
This is how the wig looks from the inside.
So, the color is very nice, just like expected, and the quality is also awesome. The wig is VERY comfortable and nothing disturbs me when I'm wearing her.
I just love the color pink, and also cute pink colors like this wig have, it looks just so damn cute.
This wig is easily to brush, but I didn't want to brush the pigtails, because I was afraid they will be destroyed. >o<
It got many hair, you won't be able to see any of your real hair if you put them on right.
The contact was also very pleasant - kind & fast answers.
By the way, it's a Roromiya Karuta Cosplay Wig - Do you know for what you can use her also?

 Kasane Teto - Vocaloid

Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Karuta Roromiya - Inu x Boku SS

Just change a little bit on the look, and poom - just got a cosplay wig for 3 different characters which are absolutely cute!!
Alrighy, let's have some pictures!

I combined them with pink Circle Lenses by Uniqso
EOS Fay Pink (aka EOS Fairy series)

 I think you can create many different looks with this wig - cute, creepy, cool, sexy, etc.
(check out my facebookpage for more pics)

Color: 5/5
The color is just like expected on the productpicture - I'm totally in love with the color!
Comfort: 5/5
The wig isn't too heavy, even with those pigtails - they were very easy to put on, everything felt very comfortable on my head
Quality: 5/5
It doesn't feel any weird or like a cheap wig, also it doesn't have that annoying shine on it

Shipping: 5/5

Shipping only took 8 days + very safe packaged
Overall: 5/5
A nice price, exactly like the productpicture, kind contact, very high quality, good looking - what do you want more? :3

I'm really happy I've got this wig sponsored by Cosplayshow, I'm totally in love with the wig!

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cookiescorpse 11. Oktober 2014 um 06:18  

You look so cute with it :3

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