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#27 klenspop: EYEPOP BROWN

Heya cuties ^-^ Hope you're well! Back with a new review by
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 So, I received these brown circle lenses.. They look pretty nice, but I'm afraid they won't fit to my eyes. :|

 They are looking very natural - brown! :3

Well, This is the result on my bright blue eyes. I really think these are great circle lenses, but just like any other soft brown circle lenses, they just don't fit to mine. Showing you an example:
These are fitting the best to brown eyes.
Color/Design: ★★★★
The color of the lenses are nice, but the color on my blue eyes aren't that nice. Only appreciating it for people with dark eyes.
Comfort: ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★
You shouldn't use these lenses if you're looking for lenses which are for enlarging your eyes. These are enlarging, but not that much!
Shipping: ★★★★★
Shipping took 2 weeks
Overall: ★★★★★
These lenses are natural looking and for people with dark eyes, which aren't looking for big lenses. If you want to make your eyes prettier, you're good in buying these. The price is also very nice.
It's just like these lenses.
Klenspop is selling most natural looking circle lenses!

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