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♡ Testreview

  Heya sweeties!

Today; I'm going to write a little testreview for a wig. (only English)
Because I'm applying on great fashiononlineshops & I want to show them an example of a review made by me, also because it's very interesting for me. :)
Let's start!

(Name of the wig)

Rose wig with 2 short ponytails

(I would make a link into the description of the name if I had one)

Shh~ :3 (I don't have this wig here atm, if so, I'd take a selfie for you >3<)
This cute wig was from a friend of mine, so I don't know where it's from, but yeah, it's just a testreview. This was the first wig I've ever worn! It felt like some straw on my head. :3
Anyway! The length of the wig goes till my neck. The sides does have 2 short, curlied ponytails, which are fixed on it from the beginning, they aren't separate, and as you can see, the wigs color is a wonderful rose/pink, just like I love it! Somehow it makes you automatically look like a innocent girl. >o<
Even if I said it felt like straw on my head, it was very comfortable to wear.
If the bangs are to long for you, you can easily cut them the way you want them, because, well, they sometimes stabbed in my eyes. :D
You can use regular hairspray for styling, I prefer Got2Be, because they are stronger than others, but on this wig you don't have to put hairspray on the curls, because they are already solid.

You can also wash the wig, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet, I'll do one later.
(Somehow, this looks like a great wig for madokacosplay, the curls just have to go straight :3)
This wig belongs to a friend of me, but I would totally buy it. Wearing it feels very nice, the color and material is awesome! Also it's recommendable for the ones, who want to cosplay Madoka with straight or curly hair. Both ways are damn cute!

Click on the pictures for a better view!


So, if I would get the chance to make reviews for wigs, lenses, clothing, cosplays, etc. I may take HD selfies or get photoshootings made by my photographer "Happy Berry Photography" for always great pictures. I'm "working" as a model for her. :3

I hope you liked it! ^-^

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