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#16 Lolitadressesshop: Lolita Pink Palace Barbie Dream Tee Dress

Heya everyone!
I'm back with a new review, this time again by
.. this very cute lolitadress!
Retail Price: $118.00
Their price: $59.00
This is the package. It's just like any other package like this, nothing to complain about. :) Very safe packaged and sealed!

This is how the dress looks like - inside the plasticbag. :D
Shipping took only 2 weeks!
The color is a very beautiful pink/rose, it looks just so very cute, just like on the picture. Fabric is cotton, neckline is strap! This dress is knee-length. You can make it a little bit tighter at the top on the ties. This dress is available in size XS-XXL. Wow!! Also, it's free shipping. worldwide for 7 more days, "christmas free shipping worldwide"!
This is size XS - and it fits perfect. Measurements can be seen on the productpage!
Wig is also by lolitadressesshop.
I really like this dress, nah, I just love it! It's just so sweet and looks very innocent.
I wore this dress on a photoshooting. Unfortunately, I don't have a whole-body picture with the dress, only the selfie you can see above.
The color looks like the original productimage. This is totally one of my favcolors, I'm really in love with rose/pink!! And it's so very soft. <3
I got easy in it, and easy off. I wore it on a photoshooting, about 1 hour, and I felt very comfortable in it. I even layed on a bed with it, it was so soft and nice. I really felt like a princess with this cute lolitadress! (:
There's nothing to complain about. The quality is amazing, and also it is very rugged!
The package was safe packaged, and shipping only took 2 weeks. I'm always imagining the way from their shop to my home - and that's really far away! So, 2 weeks are really fast.
The contact was very nice, fast. I felt very well wearing this dress, and it's really an eyecatcher. It's sweet for wearing in summer or spring! <3 It just looks like described on the pictures. There's nothing to complain about lolitadressesshop. If you're looking for an good priced and high quality online shop, which sells lolitastuff - don't wait to order your dress, wig, skirt, shoes, accessoires, ... now! :3

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