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#25 bornpretty: Accessoires#2

Back for you cuties with new cute accessoires! <3
$4.67 $7.75
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 So, I got these super cute sunglasses, & I totally love the candy color. ^3^ (These are also available in red colour)
They are absolutely comfortable to wear & exactly looking like on the productimage.
I'll definitely wear them in summer, because that pixeldesign is so cool!

 Totally in love with these glasses >0<!

Quirky Eiffel Tower Necklace Delicate Bowknot Necklace

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 Even if I'm not a very big fan of paris, I wanted to wear this cute necklace. It's small, but it is eyecatchy, many friends complimented me because of this cute thingie. :)
The eiffel tower got little glitter stones on it, with a cute bow and some adorable little beads.

You can almost wear it to everything - it's always a little cute thingie on you. <3
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3 pieces - ring with heart, a ring with a bow and another cute white bow (or pink one, cause there are 2 colors available :3)
Super cute and simple. You can choose to wear only 1, 2 or all 3. Everything looks cute. *-* & the golden color makes it just perfect.

These rings are absolutely adorable!
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Another simple, yet cute necklace with letter 'love'. :)
Available in color gold & silver - I've got the silver one!
The letter 'o' has a little bead on it, and on the letter 'e' is also a little glitter stone hanging at it. <3
I'm absolutely sattisfied with this necklace, looks adorable like expected!

Absolutely stunning. Small & eyecatchy ♥
$ 2.54 
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Different from the other necklaces I've shown you, this one is a really big one. I never had a necklace like this & wanted to try it out, because, wow, this one looks really nice!
To be honest, it's really hard to categorize which part belongs to which side :D But my friend helped me with it, so it's no big problem. Once you've got it, it's like it's supposed to be.

I'm really satisfied, I totally love this necklace!


Color/Design: ★★★★★
Everything looks like the original productimages, absolutely gorgeous!
Comfort: ★★★★★
Nothing is difficult to wear. Love it! <3
Contact: ★★★★★
Jenny (haha, just like me :3) is a really nice person and is always there to help out if you've trouble or some questions. Very professional and always fast answers!
Shipping: ★★★★
Shipping took 6 weeks, but it was while the holiday season. I think that's the only point, but I don't think that's anything bad, because the prices are really fair and the quality is also nice.
Overall: ★★★★★
I absolutely recommend this shop because of the awesome prices and the quality. Bornpretty is a very big shop selling stuff in various categories, my actually part is the jewelry/accessoires. I'm totally in love with their accessoires, & really - take a look at their store! (: You won't regret it. & if you have a friend which is in love with cute things - go on!
About to buy something cute for you or a friend?
Use my 10% discountcode "JenNyanT10"
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