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So' I'm up with some new circle lenses by

stamish brown circle lens 
*use code JEN10 for a 10% discount*

This was my first package from LensCircle, and everything was fine! ^-^
It included a gift bag, a lens case & the circle lenses! ^_^ I was surprised by that lovely package! <3
& you know what? Shipping took only 4 days!!
The contact was also very nice and kind, we had a little problem about the lenses, because they didn't arrive, but they sent a new pair immediately to me, and it only took 4 days.
These Circle Lenses were for my Asuna Cosplay! I like that bright brown, which is close to orange/yellow.

Look at that enlargement! *q* It's a dark light I used, so they don't shine that bright, but still, they're looking great brown/orange!
They  were very easy to put in and I didn't feel anything bad.

& this is how they look like with natural light. The picture was taken outside, and it was a shiny day. And omfg, they're one of my favorites now, I just LOVE them! They do look nice, don't they? *O*
Here's an example of my Asuna Cosplay with their lenses on. :)
(I'll review that cosplay too)
Color: 5/5
This color is just AWESOME! It's like on the productpicture, such an awesome brown/orange. <3
Comfort: 5/5
First time wearing Circle Lenses by LensCircle - no problems at all. Easy to put in, easy to wear, didn't feel anything!
Enlargement: 5/5
With "only" 14.5mm they're enlarging my eyes to a wonderful fitting size.

Shipping: 5/5

It took them only 4 days to arrive, it was safe, also cute packaged!
Overall: 5/5
  I'm glad I got these high quality circle lenses by LensCircle. The contact is nice, shipping very fast, etc! *-* Just take a look at their shop! <3

*use code JEN10 for a 10% discount*

Cosplaypictures taken by AWN Photography. :)

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cookiescorpse 13. November 2014 um 14:00  

wow *-* so beautiful with these lenses and your cosplay

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