Montag, 3. November 2014

#9 UNIQSO: Cosplay Wig - The Future Diary - Gasai Yuno

I'm just back with another wig, sponsored from Uniqso.
This time a wig by one of my favorite anime characters *O*
 .. GASAI YUNO! :3
(I'll also review a cosplayoutfit in the future by CosplayShow)

The wig arrived very safe packaged, don't have to make a big review about shipping by Uniqso, just take a look at the first review I made about them - because their shipping is always very fast & safe! Also, never had any problems with duty when I got packages by Uniqso.
It took about 21 days to arrive!

The Gasai Yuno Cosplay Wig is 100cm long and the color is light pink! It's 100% heat resistant fibre.
I had to cut the bangs by myself, since they are very long, they reached till my chin. It was the 2nd time cutting a wig, it was damn hard for me, since I'm a beginner in this section!

I didn't have any problems putting the wig on or something like that, it was easy to brush and felt very soft and comfortable!

Please ignore the bad quality and the bad light on the picture, just wanted to show you how the wig looks from behind on me. The color is just the same like on the product picture. The only thing I could change is the distance between the pigtails.

Let's take a look at some pictures!

I'm not that good at wigstyling yet, but I'm about to learn it by practicing! :3

(I'm wearing Dolly Eye Starry Eye Pink Circle Lenses by Uniqso)

Color: 5/5
It's a light pink color, just like on the productpicture.
Comfort: 5/5
The wig was easy to put on and felt very soft and comfortable!
Shipping: 5/5
Fast and safe packaged - perfect. :)
Overall: 5/5
This was the first wig I got from Uniqso and I'm really very satisfied about it. Means, they're selling great Circle Lenses and awesome wigs!
You are always covered by Uniqso. Here are several of the benefits you get when you make a purchase with them! ^o^
Stay tuned about what I'll review the next time by Uniqso!~ :3
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