Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

#8 UNIQSO: Dolly Eye Starry Eye Pink

Heya everyone! ^-^
Sorry for not posting anything last time~ I'm enjoying my holidays!
But today I'm back with some nice Circle Lenses by Uniqso!

you can find them here:
**Use the code "jennyan" for a 10% discount!**

 Just as always, everything well packaged, including a little 'thank you' box, where the Circle Lenses & the lense case was in!
 The pink is much stronger in real than on the product picture. I like that!
I didn't want to get some 'cute' pink lenses, nah. This time I ordered them, because I want to make a little Gasai Yuno Cosplay. (will review the wig soon too, also from Uniqso)
And just as I wanted - they do look cute, but not that much cute for me, I think they make me look a bit more scary/creepy! *o*
Let's take a look at the difference.
The enlargement is nice and perfect, not too much or too less.
The only thing what I don't like (I don't like this at any lenses I'm wearing) is, my blue eyes are much visible in the middle. But there's nothing I can do about it! ._.
They were very easy to get in and very comfortable to wear - just like always from Uniqso!
I really like those lenses, I've got already some pink lenses from Uniqso, but they are more cute - these aren't that cute! I like thaaat!
Let's take a look at some pictures!


Color: 5/5
The pink is much stronger than on the productpicture, but it looks still perfect to me!
Comfort: 5/5
Got them easily in, weared them about 3 hours with make-up - didn't feel anything.
Enlargement: 5/5
Not too much or too less, still enlarging my eyes to a perfect size <3.

Shipping: 5/5

Just as always very nice packaged, took them only 5 days to arrive!!
Overall: 5+/5

Nothing I can complain about - very nice color, perfect comfort, very fast shipping - Never had any problems with Circle Lenses by Uniqso!
You are always covered by Uniqso. Here are several of the benefits you get when you make a purchase with them! ^o^

Uniqso also sells wigs - I'm about to review the Gasai Yuno wig by them next week, so stay tuned!
**Use the code "jennyan" for a 10% discount!**
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2 Kommentare:

cookiescorpse 30. Oktober 2014 um 14:26  

Really vibrant colour! *o* so pretty circle lenses

Shiro Samurai 20. Mai 2015 um 07:05  

OMG thanks for review these!
I was trying to find a light-eyed person (sometimes it's so hard...) who reviewed the Starry Eye lenses and then I found your blog!
I'm surprised by how vibrant these lenses are. I thought they'd be less vivid and more of a light pink but these look crazy bright! Holy shit! :'D

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