Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

#6 LoveShoppingholics: EOS Crystal Light Gray Contact Lens

Heya! ^-^
I'm back with some Lenses, this time by

you can find them here:
So, I thought I'll order them, would be cool if I had some lighter eyes! :P

It was very cute & very safe packaged! Just look:
Everything was in a small, cute bag.

A animal lense case and the lenses itself!
And a cute 'Thank You' card with a small text inside <3
Well, it's hard to see them, since they are light gray. :3
 This they look like. Well, I've got them in my left eye, and the right is still my real eyecolor.
To be honest, I was pretty disappointed about it, because I don't see a big difference, but then I thought, okay, these are for simple ppl, but I like the freaky colors more! So there's nothing bad about it. Means, if you're looking for lenses, which arent big and just want to have a little bit lighter color - get them! I also think they'll fit darker eyes much more.
Haha, but my mom said "Your eyes are looking like dead!!" So, this means - success! :D

 This is how they look like when both are in.
But they are very comfortable and easy to put in, since they are only 14.0mm.

The contact was also nice, we didn't chat that much, but the answer was always fast and kind.

Well, let's have some pictures!

Color: 5/5
They are light grey and just like the pictures on the page are showing. I still like them!
Comfort: 5/5
Perfect comfort, since they are pretty small, etc. - didn't feel anything!
Enlargement: /5
14,0mm dia isn't much, it's just like my real eyes, so I'd give 0 points to enlargement, but since it's in the description, there's no problem about it.

Shipping: 5/5

Very nice, safe & cute packaged, it took them only 11 days to arrive!
Overall: 5/5
 Just want to have lighter eyes, with none enlargement? Perfect. These will be the right ones for you! ^-^

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