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#5 UNIQSO: Barbie Romana Brown

Heya everyone!
Today my blue eyes transformed into brown eyes. :3
Now, let's start with the review!~
Circle Lenses sponsored by Uniqso!

you can find them here:
**Use the code "jennyan" for a 10% discount!**

Very cute circle lenses with 16,2mm diameter (the very first time wearing such 'big' lenses)

Awesome brown circle lenses, and if you look closely, they've got a flower on it! :)

Plopp - I've got them in. And y'know what? I didn't even notice the 16,2mm dia.. I didn't even know it Q.Q Didn't read right! So this means, it's not really notable, I didn't feel anything when I had them in, it was no big problem. :)
And when I only had 1 lense on my eye, I was wondering 'wtf; my real eyes are pretty small' & then I saw the diameters.. o:

Do you see that? Q.Q (Sorry for the low quality, it's a screen from the video!)
So, enlargement is very nice. O.O

Even my blue isn't visible on the brown tone - only in the mid, but that's normal.
I like these lenses very much, I didn't know how I'd look like when I have brown eyes, but now I know. ^-^ I even thought it would be a problem with the flower on them, but if you don't look that close, you won't see that flower - only if you look closely at them.
 I will use these Lenses for my Taiga Cosplay (from Toradora), so be prepared!~ :)
Shipping and package quality was as nice as always, just take a look at my first review for Uniqso, there are more details.
Communication with Uniqso was as nice as always - thank you for your kindness! :)
Let's take a look at some pictures!


Color: 5/5
I'm surprised, that it's still very brown, even because of my blue eyes! Really awesome brown! *-*
Comfort: 5/5
Comfort is perfect, I didn't feel anything, even when they were bigger than other lenses I've tried.
Enlargement: 5/5
16,2mm enlargement - I was shocked how small my real eyes were. :D

Shipping: 5/5

Just as always very nice packaged, they were shipped on 10th September & arrived on 23th September!
Overall: 5+/5
Looking for natural brown circle lenses? Go and get them, even if they have a cute flower on it! <3


**Use the code "jennyan" for a 10% discount!**
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cookiescorpse 2. Oktober 2014 um 12:03  

oh gd *-* I really love this circle lenses model! I wanted it on violet!

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