Freitag, 19. September 2014

#2 klenspop: Green Madonna Circle Lenses


I'm really glad to show you my next sponsored Circle Lenses:

Madonna Green
by Klenspop
**Use the code "Jennyan 10% discount coupon" for a 10% discount!**

It's really nice packaged, there's no way it can be destroyed, haha. :3

It includes the pair of lenses, a very cute lense case and a small bottle of contact lenses solution. Nice!
The lense case got a small mirror & a pincette in it *-*

It's a really nice surprise getting that much gifts, since I only ordered the green circle lens pair.
Really cute! :)

They have a nice color, though I didn't really like green, and I wasn't sure at the beginning, if I really should try the green ones, but I did and I don't regret it.
I have bright blue eyes, and sometimes, depending on the light, it didn't really look like the green how it should, I think. But when the light was better, my eyes looked really green. :)
I didn't had any problems putting them in or get them out, they were really comfortable to wear, I wore them 6 hours today and I didn't had any problems, it felt like nothing in my eyes! Also I had false lashes on my eyes - no trouble at all.

E-Mail Contact was also really nice, answers were fast and kind! I didn't had any problems about talking to them.

It took them about 2 weeks to arrive, they shipped it at 01. September and I got them on 17. September, so, yeah, I think it's pretty fast, since I'm on the other half or the earth.. :D

Here's the difference:

Left is my real eye, right is the circle lens

Have a pic without any make up~ :3
See the difference?

I think it's better for dark eyes who wants to have colorful green eyes! I guess my eyes are just too bright and blue to use them to get the full result of this wonderful green!
So, if you have dark eyes, go and get them!! You'll have a amazing result :3
Now; have some pics!

Klenspop is a really nice shop which sells high quality circle lenses, they are kind and the prices are fair. The shipping was fast and the package was safe, + I've got many gifts in it.
I recommend these lenses to people with more dark eyes for a great result, or with bright eyes for much brither eyes than you actually have! :D They're really green, not "only" green, it's really a nice green, which I really like. :)
**Use the code "Jennyan 10% discount coupon" for a 10% discount!**

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cookiescorpse 26. September 2014 um 13:05  

wow *o* so pretty lenses, the look good on you!
You natural colour eyes is really pretty :3 and your hair too!

I'm a new follower, here's my blog if you want to chek it! :3

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