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#1 UNIQSO: GEO Xtra Violet Lenses Review

Heyaaa! :3

I'm glad to announce that my sponsored Circle Lenses by UNIQSO just arrived. ^-^
Are ya ready for my first review!? YAAY!~ So, here it is! :3
These Circle Lenses are called
GEO Xtra WTB81 Violet (a.k.a Hanabi series)
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I had a pretty long and boring schoolday.. When I came home, I saw a small package on my table

I came closer & closer to it.. & I took a look at it.. I was like "MWAAAH!!" *opened it very fast*
& then, look what was inside!!!
I saw that mysterious Teddy, looked deep in his eyes.. Ö_Ö And was like..
nyaaa~ how cuteee! :3
I got also a very nice lense case! *3*
.. Want to open the small box together with me? Okay; let's do this!!

Uwaaah <3 <3 They were very safe packaged, nice!
So, what do we got here, huh? :3

Yushh~ Alright, some very awesome violet colored Circle Lenses
GEO Xtra WTB81 Violet (a.k.a Hanabi series)
15mm diameter, 38% watercontent
It wasn't really nice weather outside, but when I saw them, my own sun was shining; haha!
 Shipping.. It was as fast as stars above our sky o-o' Nah, really, UNIQSO is 12.156km far away from me, if you'd run over to them (I don't know how), it would take 2.464 hours (Yes seriously, Google said so.)
I told them to take these cute lenses, a few days later they shipped it on 25. August and I got it today on 04. September. It's very rare to get an package that fast, because usually it takes up to ~31 days. So, Respect, I really appreciate this!!! :O

Contact.. Lee Lee, the owner of UNIQSO, is a very nice person. I even did some smalltalk to her, she's really kind and helps wherever she can. The answer was always fast, no more then 24 hours.

 Okay, as far, as good.. But as some of you may know, I have some problems about Lenses, because I've only worn one pair for the very first time a few days ago. It wasn't really easy putting it into my eye and get it out, but well, I wanted to try it today..
Tadaaa! I've got them in!! It wasn't really hard, it was surprisingly fast! :O
>Wearing circle lenses first time & afraid to put them in? Here is how to wear circle lenses safely and easily<

They are looking very nice on my eyes, I really love them - my natural eye colour is blue (as you can see on various pics of me), and these lenses are really nice shining. 
 Later, I didn't even notice that I'm wearing these awesome Circle lenses, they just feel so very comfortable.. *-*

Want some pics? Of course you want!! Har har, here you go! :3

(click on the pics for a bigger view! ♥)
Nihihi :3
& then.. *putting off the make-up*..
:)) Nyahah. I just LOVE them; OMG! >_<

I hope you liked this review, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Stay tuned, follow me & prepare yourself for more reviews, coming later!

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2 Kommentare:

Jelley Cakey 4. September 2014 um 12:47  

Omg nice rewiw.Tem look so nice and The others there 2'. Why i bought yesterday others?!QwQ Now I will pay money for Circle lenses that look like school note 3 ;-; thanks for the rewiew i 'll buy next contacts there :3
Looks so cute in u <3 and sry for Bad english x:

JenNyan 4. September 2014 um 22:15  

@Jelley Cakey; that's sad ;_; Yeah; I really appreciate UNIQSO, don't forget to use my 10% discountcode then! :)
Thank you <3

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