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#3 PinkyParadise: Vassen Dolly Plus Red

Heya~ Good news; I've got some more Circle Lenses to review for you! ^_^
Today we've got this:

you can find them here:
Vassen Dolly Plus Red
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So, let's take a closer look at them.
It's a very nice color, it seems like a dark pink/a strong red.

In the package were the lenses (very well packaged), a nice lense case and something like a hairslide.

 Take a look at the awesome color! *-*
The left one is the outside, the right one is the inside.

At the beginning I had some problems to put them in, because they are very soft and I'm a beginner at Circle Lenses.
But I'm still very surprised about the nice color. My natural eye color is a pretty light blue, I think it's "boosting" the red. :3
I thought red may look a little bit creepy, but no, it doesn't.

When I got them in, they felt a little bit like sand in my eyes.. I had to take them off and put them on again, 2 times, but maybe it was just some dirt.
I wore them about 2 hours, after about 20 minutes I don't have felt them anymore.

The Enlargement is awesome, I think the models on the pictures for the lenses eyes aren't enlarging just like mine. Maybe they are wearing some with less diameter, but these one got 14,5mm Dia, and I love this enlargement. ^-^
I made a little eye make-up tutorial for you:
This was just a fast thing. :)
Alright, let's have some pictures now! ^-^

Color: 5/5
If you are looking for great red Circle Lenses which aren't that shocking - take these.
Comfort: 4/5
I had to change them sometimes to get that sand feeling off my eyes. Also it took some time to become accustomed with them. But later everything was fine!
Enlargement: 5/5
They are enlarging eyes with the 14,5mm dia very nice, perfect!
Shipping: 5/5
It was packed very nice, I've got nice extras and it took only 15 days to arrive!
Overall: 5/5
Great color, nice comfort, perfect Enlargement, fast shipping - also, fair price! Don't hesitate to get them if you're looking for awesome red Circle Lenses! *-*
**Use the code "jennyan" for a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gift**

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cookiescorpse 26. September 2014 um 13:08  

I love red cl, and wow! how cool look they on you!

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